Monday, October 1, 2007

Full screen code finished

Today, I finally have the code to display a full tile screen. Granted, this should take about 12 minutes for some of the veterans out there but I literally get 2-3 hours per week to code for myself and it's been 20+ years since I was hard-core 6502. :-)

Even though the demo is called "scroll01.prg", it doesn't scroll yet. That comes next. :-)

I want to thank rengmann over at for converting some NES Metroid tunes to the C64.

The "demo" runs in NTSC but you PAL folks should be able to run it too. All comments are welcomed. I would be interested in someone running this on real hardware. I have to setup but I am missing a power cord to my 1541 so I will have to wait a bit.



Anonymous said...

I strongly advise to code for PAL as on a NTSC machine you have much less rasterlines => much less time to scroll the screens.

also strongly avised to _throughoutly_ study the rants here: the scrolling and multiplexer rants are a must to understand outside in and inside out to be able to cope with the challenge metroid presents.

just coming from watching a metroid speedrun. and the game is quite double with one downer: you will not be able to fit all those maps into the c64's memory. one of your primilary goals should be to write a loading system that can strategically load in and swap out maps. (ie. load maps over the most latest used ones, you would need even a way to defragment the map memory for maximum efficiency.. ;)

also for such a huge project you must go with all roms turned off.

good luck, pm me on csdb wherever you have quesions


cbmeeks said...

Thanks oswald! Your code has helped me a lot!

The reason I am coding for NTSC is because I live in the US. I realize that most of the remaining C64 users are in Europe. I also realize that with VICE, I can easily code for PAL. But, I want to run my game on my real C64. That is a huge part of the fun for me. An emulator just feels cold.

My friends look at an emulator playing a game and they don't get it. But show them the same game on a real C64 and it sinks in.

I will send you a PM.


Marsha said...

Great work.

Anonymous said...

can you please re-up the demo?
I#m really curious!