Sunday, October 14, 2007

Finally. Genesis controller on my Commodore 64!

I was tired of trying to find a good joypad. I knew the Genesis controller would work but there is a chance of the controller sending a logical high back to the CIA chip in the Commodore 64 and damaging the chip.

According to this article , you need to put diodes between the control lines to prevent the high signal from going back to the C64.

So, I soldered up a couple 9 pin serial adapters, wired them to a breadboard, and inserted diodes between. Works great! And there are no weird keyboard errors like the last time I just plugged it in

I have attached a few pictures to see my masterpiece. lol

I might eventually solder something more permanent eventually.



Tendonut said...

What kind of diode did you use?

Anonymous said...

The link says germanium type 1N34A

Also check out page 45: