Monday, October 1, 2007

Demo works on the real deal!!

Emulators are fine for testing but there is nothing like seeing my code run on a REAL Commodore 64 and a Commodore 1084S.

Man it looks and sounds SOOOOO good!



NoRi said...

Hi !

It's nice to see a so enthusiastic person like you.
I've never played console games but this one seems cool.
I have never coded a game but I guess for a so big project like this one, you should write and think all the game on paper.
There are many good coders you could ask for help/advises/tips...
Good luck and dont forget if needed I am volunteer for moral support !!! ;)


cbmeeks said...

Hey thanks for the comment!

Funny! I had JUST said to myself that the project is starting to get way too big to keep in my head and that I needed to create tasks on paper!


This blog will be my outlet for the many changes I have. Even very minor ones. I want to show people that I am working on it.